House of Yoga

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“Take what you need. Give what you can. There is always enough.” The mission of this downtown York, Pennsylvania, donation-based yoga studio says it all. Here, yogis from all ages and walks of life come to stretch, laugh, cry, shout, and find support from a community that puts the value of establishing relationships into every yoga experience. Its donation-based mission continues to grow support by members of the community for the “house that love built.”

Our Work with House of Yoga

From a building with bare walls and no personality to an idea that needed some nurturing to move it forward, our creative team worked closely with House of Yoga’s founder to build this brand’s visual identity. Logo development, brand positioning, and marketing strategy—along with interior design consultations that communicate the brand’s aesthetic in physical form—supported House of Yoga’s grand opening in 2016. As the “house that love built” continues to open its doors to community, LUMI also continues to collaborate with its tribe to further promote and support the growth of this dynamic donation-based yoga studio.