Think Loud Studios

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Named “one of the top 10 studios in the world” by celebrated professional recording studio designer Horacio Malvicino and recognized by MIX magazine as a best-in-class new recording studio, Think Loud Studios is the home studio of the multiplatinum alternative rock band LIVE in York, Pennsylvania. Here, top recording industry talent also gets opportunities to make their music in a dream space that two-time Emmy Award–winning violinist Damien Escobar called “the Disney World for musicians.”

Our Work with Think Loud Studios

Think Loud Studios needed a virtual space that was every bit as dynamic as its physical space. We designed a website for Think Loud Studios that unites technical equipment specs with visual imagery that makes you just want to pick up those guitars and shred ‘em. We also helped the Think Loud Studios team establish itself on social media with a content strategy plan and visuals to get the studios up and rockin’ online.