Bre Shorten, CEO

Breanna Shorten is founder and CEO of LUMI Marketing and Creative, a creative agency for women and black-owned brands and nonprofits. A powerful storyteller and self motivated entrepreneur, she empowers others to build the brand of their dreams and inspires people to get to the core of how they use their life experience as their superpower. 

From helping founders get clear on the voice and vision of their business to coaching startups on how to launch a brand presence with a limited budget, Bre fosters thoughtful conversations and group discussions that help you lead your business from a place of courage and inspiration. 

Workshop and presentation participants walk away with tangible skills, practical insights and empowered mindsets to help them obtain their professional goals.

Breanna’s work is geared towards young professionals,
black-owned brands, and female-owned businesses.

Topics include:
– Understanding your Identity & Using it to Get Ahead
– Collaboration & Creativity: Launching a Brand with a Limited Budget
– Brand Building for Founders

Book Bre as a:

– Branding & Small Business Workshop Facilitator
– Brand Building Session Facilitator
– Marketing Event Moderator
– Panel Discussion Moderator
– Keynote Speaker

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