Explore York

Digital Marketing | Photography | Videography

As the official tourism promotion agency for York County, Pennsylvania, Explore York (formerly the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau) delivers the gateway for the visitor experience in York County. Explore York markets York County to audiences that include leisure travelers, convention and meeting planners, group tour operators, and sport and tournament organizers. Its goal is to position York County as a sought-after visitor destination.

Our Work with Explore York

Drawing upon our work with YRK Magazine at communicating the identity of York County through high-impact photography, we partnered with Explore York on the production of themed photo concepts that illustrate the diversity of leisure and recreation activities available to visitors in York County, Pennsylvania. From wine trails and paddleboarding to delicious dining and Harley-Davidson factory tours, we captured slices of York County’s lifestyle that make it an attractive visitor destination for boomers and millennials.

Needing a way to reach a digital audience through video, Explore York partnered with us to produce a York County destination marketing video that takes viewers along for a “Feelin’ Good” experience tour of York City and York County attractions. This video production complemented the launch of the official York County destination brand identity “Have It Made Here” and was supported by a Google Ads campaign organized by LUMI that generated more than 600,000 ad impressions and close to 1,000 views. You can bet we were “Feelin’ Good” with those results for Explore York!