We’re no-bullshit thinkers, strong-willed marketers, and visionary designers who seek collaboration, thoughtful conversation, and opportunity to create art that moves people into action. Passion, fire, vision—these are just a few of the qualities that this black-owned, women-run team brings to the table.

We’re not the agency you bring home to meet your mom; we’re about busting through the constant noise of cookie-cutter campaigns and pushing your brand to the edge. We are content creatives to our core, collaborators, rule breakers—never confined, yet always defined.

Breanna Shorten, Founder & Creative DirectorBreanna (Bre) has over 9 years of professional experience in branding, project management, production, and creative direction. She studied marketing and communications at Washington & Jefferson College and the University of Delaware. Bre began her professional career as a social media manager and a brand merchandiser. In 2016, Breanna gained equity of YRK Magazine and transitioned the company to YRK Creative, a full service agency. Gaining full ownership of YRK Creative in late 2019, she renamed the company LUMI Marketing & Creative. While Bre is typically in CEO mode running the business, her expertise in creative direction, styling, copy editing, and strategic planning are instrumental in executing each of our projects.

Kate Knox, Creative Project Manager

Kate Knox, Creative Project Manager & Art DirectorKate is responsible for developing and implementing digital marketing strategy campaigns. She’s also responsible for getting the job done, which involves the creation, organization, execution and completion of projects. As the main point of contact for clients, Kate is the one that will be blowing up your email with communication. As our workflow wonder woman, she delegates projects to our internal team to ensure everyone stays on track and on budget. On occasion, she still dabbles with a dSLR camera to grab some behind the scenes or social media content. Unlike the usual creatives, Kate strives on organization and not procrastination! She brings close to fifteen years of industry experience to LUMI Marketing & Creative.