It’s difficult to go even an hour without answering an email, liking a post, or falling into the rabbit hole of cute animal compilation videos on Youtube, right? LUMI is in the business of social media and all things digital marketing, so trust us, we know how consuming our devices can be. National Unplugging Day is in March, so we’re sharing a little insight into our worlds when we step away from our screens. Here’s how the LUMI team likes to unwind and unplug:


Unplugged, Bre spends her days at the beach, complete with swimming, Pro Kadima, intense UNO games, and a delicious charcuterie board. When Bre’s on the move she’s either weightlifting, bike riding, or rollerblading with her two dogs, Roman and Rhia. Cooking Sunday dinner for her family and friends is a weekly tradition. Pre-pandemic, she traveled anywhere there’s a beach and as an avid music lover, she spent her time at festivals and concerts. Now that traveling is tricky, she enjoys finding one-of-a-kind pieces at thrift stores and creating “daycation adventures” when she can.


It’s an understatement when we say Becky loves being outdoors. When relaxing, she’s poolside in her backyard reading a book. When she’s on the move, she’s usually out for a walk, ideally in the woods. Her more recent pastel drawings of organic subjects are often a reflection of her experiences in nature. Speaking of nature, during the warmer months, Becky’s weekends are filled with music festivals and camping outdoors. When indoors, Becky can be found on her yoga mat or in the kitchen cooking and baking up new recipes for her family to enjoy.


Kate doodles, colors, and draws (sometimes during work) when she’s unplugged. Hey, there’s proof out there that doodling helps you stay focused and retain information! She often gets lost in a murder mystery book. When not sitting still, she prefers to build small things over buying them. So, occasionally, she’ll fire up a few power tools and dabble in some woodworking. In the warmer months, Kate puts on her in-line skates and tries to keep up with her scooter-riding toddler. On the daily, Kate hangs with her wife, kiddo, Frenchie and rescued cat.


When Marley pulls herself away from watching TikTok videos, she unplugs by listening to music. Oh, and speaking of TikTok, midday dance parties are an everyday occurrence in Marley’s world. When taking a dance break, Marley is also a musician. She’s a songwriter, singer, and guitarist! Music makes Marley’s world go-round, however she also unplugs by practicing yoga and basking in the sun at the beach. When indoors, she enjoys cooking, however if we’re being honest, she just likes the end result: eating!