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The Watershed Alliance of York (WAY) merged with the York County Coalition for Clean Waters (YCC4CW) in 2021. WAY is a 501(c)(3) with the mission to improve York County’s water, making it cleaner and healthier for all. From providing free educational resources to the community through their annual Watershed Week to creating awareness in elementary school classrooms, WAY is facilitating a collaborative effort, from farmers to business owners to land owners to protect the watersheds of York, Pennsylvania.

Our Work with Watershed Alliance of York

The York County Coalition for Clean Waters is what we might call a tsunami of a name. As a local, county-wide alliance geared toward a wide range of audiences, it was necessary to simplify this, just enough to make a splash in the community. WAY, also known as Watershed Alliance of York, just made sense and generally speaking, a water “way’ is an understood part of our environment. In order to help this newly named nonprofit become a part of a family dinner conversation, we needed to start by developing and implementing a rebrand, a new logo, a messaging strategy, and custom content creation over a year-long implementation.

Then, we needed to strip down the concept of watersheds into droplet size pieces so that anyone from an elementary school age child to a retiree could take action to protect their watersheds through small daily practices of water conservation to holding community stream clean ups on a monthly basis.

LUMI developed (written and designed) print collateral in both English and Spanish, which included best management practices for businesses to post in their break rooms to elementary-age watershed worksheets for teachers to use in classrooms. We also designed social media content, produced video and photo shoots, and developed an e-newsletter. Finally, in an effort to gain monetary event sponsors for Watershed Week, we developed a logo and sponsorship deck that was distributed to local businesses.