Repositioning York County, Pennsylvania as a travel destination to make memories

The York County Convention and Visitors Bureau (now Explore York) is the official visitor’s center for the County of York. They produce an annual travel guide highlighting the county’s various attractions and events, and drive tourism to the county through various in-house events and initiatives.

Explore York engaged us to audit their travel guide and provide design and content guidance for their 2018 guide. Our collaboration resulted in an elevated print presence with clear sections, listicles, and a greater focus on emerging neighborhoods and hidden gems that connected with potential visitors. Seeing the high-quality photography we produced for YRK Magazine, they reached out to us for photography production, specifically for cover shoots. Our goal was to create vibrant, activity-based photos for the travel guide covers that appealed to Explore York’s key audience demographics, baby-boomers and millennials.

Scope of Work

  • PPC Ads
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Photography Production
  • Videography Production

With print taken care of, we produced a destination video, which included all aspects of pre-production, production and post production. The goal was to create a video that romanticized York County and allowed audiences to preview some of York’s exciting adventure opportunities.

Using both digital and print media, we mirrored their targeted audiences, both through ethnic and generational diversity. Also, we highlighted a dozen leisure and recreational activities in the Feelin’ Good video to attract a range of visitors. Through a Google Ads campaign, we generated 600,000 ad impressions and close to 1,000 video views.