And we want to bring your vision to light.

In 2016, YRK Magazine was put into our hands—a magazine made for York, PA, about York, PA. When we took on the project, that was the mission we set out to fulfill. Along the way, we decided to launch a marketing agency, formally known as YRK Creative, where we worked with national and international clients and built a love for content creation and helping to elevate the image of brands.

However, throughout the past few months, we’ve been brewing up something new. After five years of business and transforming to an all-female team, we decided it was time for us to rebrand. Over the years, YRK has transformed and grown immensely—and it’s essential to us that our brand reflects that growth.

From this, LUMI was born. An all-woman team of no-bullshit thinkers, strong-willed marketers, and visionary designers who seek collaboration, thoughtful conversation, and opportunity to create art that moves people into action. We were sick of the cookie-cutter campaigns and the loud noise of other advertising, so we knew we had two options: to leave the scene or to CHANGE it.

We chose option B.

Passion, fire, vision—these are just a few of the qualities that this black-owned, women-run team brings to the table. LUMI is a ride-or-die, tough love kind of family who will always tell you the truth about what we believe is best for your brand. Our team is made up of some of the most inspired and creative minds, providing unique perspectives and backgrounds to our clients’ concepts.

At LUMI, light is at the core of everything we do. Light is the spark that makes entrepreneurs and small business owners tick. Its what keeps our creative wheels turning; its what inspires us to keep producing art. We have worked tirelessly to get here—to a fresh enthusiasm for content creation. To doing it our way.

YRK is who we were and LUMI is where we’re going. While we will always be grateful for where we come from, it’s time for us to step into something that better fits and better represents who we’ve become. Our commitment is to illuminate your brand by finding what lights you up and letting that lead. LUMI was created of our truest vision, to bring your truest vision to light.