White Rose Restaurant Group

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Opened in 1933 and family operated for more than 85 years, White Rose Bar & Grill in downtown York, Pennsylvania, is at the heart of this city’s restaurant community. Today, White Rose Bar & Grill has grown exponentially to include two sister restaurant establishments—Rockfish Public House in downtown York and White Rose at Bridgewater in York County—as well as catering and events services for the historic Valencia Ballroom in downtown York. All are managed by the leadership team of White Rose Restaurant Group.

Our Work with White Rose Restaurant Group

How do you make an escape from the ordinary dining experience appetizing to a foodie audience? You appeal to their appetites. In our case, we served up a social media strategy focused on boosting audience engagement across multiple platforms along with content that no restaurant establishment in White Rose’s market was doing.

We brought our cameras to the tables (it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it) at White Rose Bar & Grill, White Rose at Bridgewater, and Rockfish Public House for some custom food photography. With all this photo work, we needed a dynamic digital canvas to show them off—redesigned websites for White Rose Bar & Grill and Rockfish Public House. Each restaurant’s website allows viewers to instantly see favorite and new items from the menus while showing off the ambiance and the interior of these beloved York dining destinations.

Additionally, we also designed websites for White Rose Restaurant Group’s corporate brand identity and the Valencia Ballroom. On the Valencia’s website, we incorporated fun facts and photo snapshots of the building’s history through the decades, from the Swing Era to the 21st century.

Collaborating with the culinary professionals on the White Rose and Rockfish team, we upgraded the menu designs for the White Rose and Rockfish dining establishments with a clean, sophisticated style, easy-to-read font, and simple presentation that eliminates the need to flip through multiple pages of a menu to find what you want to eat.

The result of all our work? Simply delicious.