Environmentally focused nonprofit merger requires a rebrand to better represent their umbrella organization that serves 50 groups.

The York County Coalition for Clean Waters (YCC4CW) came to us for a rebrand. Shortly after, YCC4CW merged with the Watershed Alliance of York (WAY). The decision was to keep ‘WAY’ as the brand name since it’s a universally understood, droplet-size name when compared to the voluminous name York County Coalition for Clean Waters!  We went to work on rebranding the WAY logo to encapsulate the new merger. 

As an actionable and educational resource for the general public, students of all ages, farmers, and business owners the WAY rebrand needed to engage just about everyone. With a mission to improve York County’s water, making it cleaner and healthier for all, we did what we do best and made a cannon-ball size splash with their new brand toolkit!

Scope of Work

  • Rebrand
  • Brand Toolkit
  • Brand Messaging Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Content
  • Graphic Design
  • Campaign Development
  • Photography
  • Videography

It was time to engage and move community members into actionable, small daily practices of water conservation that helps protect watersheds. Our goal was to provide a steady, drizzle-sized amount of social media content, watershed-related activity pages, and videos to keep the idea of water conservation at the forefront of both adult and children’s minds everytime they turned on a hose or a sink.

One of WAY’s goals is to introduce everyone, especially elementary-aged students, to watersheds. A quick, humorous video alongside a worksheet hits home for younger students. And, to add a bit of personalization to the information, we created watershed-specific cards so that each student could learn facts and identify directly with the watershed they lived in.

WAY’s new brand positions them for a wave of grant opportunities, donations, and sponsorships. Not to mention, more community engagement and awareness surrounding the restoration, enhancement and protection of our watersheds.